Competition (Frist Place) | Participated as a Team | My Work: Research, Design, and Fabrication | 2015 – 2016


   The scientific-educational program of Gozar-Saakht (pass-built) was performed in the form of an architectural competition and several educational workshops in a collaboration between the student association of Isfahan art university and consulting center of logical processes in Maan association in summer 2015.

The experience of the design and performing a real-scale project for students and development of the knowledge and architectural power, thanks to the outstanding professors and Architects of the country, were the main goals of having this competition. After the final levels of the competition, the selected Design Team made the final modifications, and the performing team started construction of the project.


   As the first step, based on the users’ basic needs and to provide a logical design, the context of the project was determined and analyzed. After analyzing the project location, we determined three limitations about this context that are listed below:

1. The site’s width was too narrow, and its length was too long to let the designer be flexible in their design. 

2. The height of the two surrounding walls was not on a human scale; we decided to define a “scenario of presence” to welcome the users who have their first experience of being in Manmemar, or have their second or more experience of walking in that long path. 

3. By walking in the corridor, two tall apartments that do not provide a pleasant view for users would be seen.

   By considering these three observations about the context, the main idea crossed our mind. The idea was to maintain the positive factors and resolve the limitation through an active installation by considering these factors:

1.human scale      2. unfavorable views of two buildings       3. defining a story for the entrance       4. view to the sky        5. lighting during night time

Human Scale

   By drawing standard curves and defining a sequence of every user step, three cortexes were designed with four spots to pause and look upon the sky and windows located on the sided wall. In this way, we tried to design a defined path for users to feel more intimate in this space.

Unfavorable Landscape

   We tried to shield the unfavorable landscape of two external buildings by designing the installation with PVC pipes and making different levels of designed cortexes.

Scenario of Presence

   The mentioned corridor was considered an essential section of the design because it is the main entrance of Manmemar. So, due to its long dimension, we decided to describe various greeting levels while entering the corridor by designing different cross-sections and then modeling three cortexes that were separated from each other to define different levels with different heights. Subsequently, we could have various spatial qualities. So that, when a person walks in, they can experience a variety of happenings.


   Two designers decided to frame the sky above by considering some fractures that opened to the sky within the installation to illuminate the ground. Simultaneously, the fractures were placed near pause spots near the windows to provide a place for talking, standing, waiting, and watching the sky.


   Beneath the designed cortexes, there were places where people could not walk beneath them; that is why we decided to put the LED spotlighting in that position to utilize the useless space and lighten the way of the corridor path for users at night. In addition, a different kind of light, LED strips, was used around the frames of the windows.

Detail Phase

   Due to one of the main factors which were looking through the frame of the sky and the welcoming sense that we wanted to provide, PVC pipes were used in a hanging style in a network that it was possible to be moved in one direction to impact adjacent pipes and make a sound when shaken by the wind or the users.

In addition, three fractures were considered to first, hide the negative views and then focus the sky view in pause spots to highlight the frame of the sky above. The construction of the installation comprised of a network of 

Wooden pieces and cables and about 900 PVC pipes which suspended from the cables above with a simple curved groove.

Modification Process

   Gozar-e-saakht competition comprises of three levels that were held between 50 groups. After being selected in the first level, six selected groups had to develop and modify their ideas and designs by supervising expert architects:

Jury and Judgments

Ehsan Hoseini

Mohammadreza Ghoddousi

Ali Sheikholeslam

Mina Moeinoddin

Educators and Professors for SIX final selected groups

Mohammad Arab

Elham Geramizade

Ali Soltani

Mehdi Sadvandi

   After being selected as the winner, we modified the design with Ehsan Hosseini as our employer and supervisor and applied some changes like substituting PVC pipes with Bamboo wood due to its cost and its conservation.

Pausing Spot

Story of Enrance

Sky Frame

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